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Official subreddit for discussion about I'm trying to build the world's best deal engine. I also welcome general deal talk. If there are other consistent sources of great deals, let me know and I can also incorporate them into my engine. My goal is to make great deals available to anyone! 310 Members 1 Online.

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dealforager 34 days ago Man, this is an example of how difficult it is to know what is BS or not if you're not an expert on the subject. On one hand, this article was published in Nature, which I thought was trustworthy.

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2021. 1. 27. · Ben Winck. Jan 27, 2021, 6:48 AM. WallStreetBets. Retail investors on Reddit are boosting GameStop shares in defiance of hedge funds and investing norms. Members of the group Wall Street Bets have. I still think that Amazon Warehouse has the best deals though. The new item deals tend to be in the ballpark of 5-20% off, whereas for used items it can frequently be over 50%. I'm also working on adding a "strict search" feature so that when you search for something like "tea", it doesn't include words like "teal" or "team".

Before PRAW can be used to scrape data, we need to authenticate ourselves. For this, we need to create a Reddit instance and provide it with a client_id, client_secret, and user_agent. reddit = praw.Reddit(client_id='my_client_id', client_secret='my_client_secret', user_agent='my_user_agent') To get the authentication information, we need to.

2021. 8. 20. · 2. Reaction score. 0. I recently found an absolute bargain on Amazon, I made 10 purchases of the product purely to resell on eBay. I came across deal this by chance and it got me thinking...Is there a service out there that just continually scrapes or scans the amazon marketplace for products that have a 50% discount or an 80% discount etc.

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